It all comes down to finding your right fit.

A professional bicycle fitting will help you get your bicycle fine tuned to the proportions and condition of your body. Whether you are seeking a retrofit on your existing bicycle or are looking for a new bicycle, a properly fit bike can help any rider, from the casual recreational cyclist to the seasoned racer. The benefits include:

• Improved comfort
• Reduced chance of injury
• Increased performance

We offer two types of fittings to accomodate any type of rider:

Starting Fit - $45.00:
We take four basic measurements, assess your physical condition and personal goals, and then determine a safe, developmental starting position for you.

Performance Fit - $100.00:
We recommend this service for serious riders and racers who put in a lot of time in the saddle. We begin with the same measurements we take in the starting fit and then measure cleat position and check for the need for leg length compensation. We observe your static and dynamic positions on the trainer and adjust your drop and reach to the handlebars to provide you with the ideal position for your needs. An important aspect of our fittings is the evaluation where we get to know you and your riding style and habits. You might make more power in a lower position, while being more aerodynamic, but there are reasons why that position doesn't work for a lot of people. We don't rely on a computer or one single set of rules to complete your fitting.



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