Frame and Fork Repair

Cut and thread fork $40.00
Cut threadless fork $10.00
Straighten fork $50.00
Straighten and align fork dropouts $15.00

Fork Installation
All fork installations include front brake adjustment, parts are extra.

Install rigid fork $30.00
Install susp. fork $35.00
Install or remove star nut $5.00

Frame Prep and Repair
Frame work does not include installation of necessary parts.
All labor charges are based off of a bare frame.

Face headtube $20.00
Face BB shell $20.00
Face fork crown race $15.00
Tap BB shell $20.00
Tap and face BB shell $30.00
Straighten and align rear dropouts $13.00
Hone seat tube $10.00
Ream seat tube $15.00
Install frame saver - bare frame $20.00

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