Cycling groups we support and love

Cycling for us is about more than sport and hobby. Being part of the community and supporting groups and organizations that do so much for this close knit community is a really important part of our shop. There are a lot of groups out there that either support cycling, provide advocacy for us, or support others through cycling. Here are some of the groups that we proudly support.

If you ride a mountain bike anywhere in just about any public park in New Jersey, you can bet that JORBA was involved in some way with those trails. From advocacy in NJ and nationwide, to sponsoring events, like the annual JORBAfest, to trail maintenance, JORBA has it's hand in mountain biking in a big way. Please take a chance to go to their site, sign up for a membership (the basic one is free!) and look for a trail maintenance date to help out at.
princeton freewheelers
The Princeton Freewheelers cycling club is without a doubt the pinnacle of cycling clubs in our area and beyond. Not only do they host rides year round for all ability levels, but they also publish a newsletter, provide valuable information and resources to cyclists, and also host the biggest cycling event of the year in our area.
trenton bike exchange
The New Jersey Bike Exchange is a non-profit bicycle store dedicated to selling used, reconditioned bikes to families in our area. All of the proceeds from these bike sales are donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton and Mercer County. If you have an old bike that you don't want anymore, don't throw it out. Either bring it to our shop or visit the Bike Exchange website for drop-off instructions. Your donation is tax deductible.



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