Service Packages

Standard Tune-up







You should have a standard tune-up once a year to keep your bike running like new. This tune-up includes:
* Check the condition of the chain and tires
* Removal of the cranks to inspect and adjust the bottom bracket
* True wheels (we take into account radial and lateral as well as spoke tension)
* Adjust hubs
* Adjust headset
* Lube cables and chain
* Adjust shift systems
* Adjust brakes
* Clean frame
* Replace parts as needed (additional cost for parts and labor)

Deluxe Tune-up





The deluxe tune-up should be performed when you want to maximize the performance and life of your bike. This tune-up includes everything with the basic tune-up, plus:
* Complete removal and thorough cleaning of the driveline (We don't just take the parts off and toss them into a tank to soak, we thoroughly scrub all the parts, to make sure they are as clean as possible.)
* Reinstallation of the drive line
* Lubrication of all moving parts
* Instruction on how to properly lubricate the driveline to ensure the driveline stays clean for years to come




The Overhaul is a much more extensive reconditioning of the bike. Overhauls almost always require the replacement of worn parts, and are a necessity for those seeking to return their bikes to like new condition.
* Everything included in the Deluxe Tune-Up
* Overhaul all bearings.

Deluxe Overhaul



The Deluxe Overhaul is the ultimate service to your bike. This basically returns the bike to new condition.
* Everything included in the Overhaul
* Overhaul pedals and bearings
* Wax frame

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