Our custom wheels are more than the sum of their parts.

One of the best ways to increase the performance of your bike is with a quality set of wheels. Companies like DT, Zipp, Mavic, Easton, Reynolds, Crank Brothers, and Fulcrum all provide excellent factory built wheelsets. However, the ultimate wheel upgrade is a custom set built to your specifications. We are constantly testing wheel products to provide our customers with feedback regarding component choices.

The wheel build process begins with an assessment of your needs. We take your size, riding style, riding conditions, weight concerns, and styling preferences into consideration and determine the combination of parts that will create the perfect wheelset for you. Wheels are assembled by our DT-Swiss certified wheelbuilder with 20 years of experience. During assembly, each spoke end is prepped with thread compound. The rim beds are inspected and de-burred if needed to ensure precision seating of the nipples. The wheels are then laced up while ensuring uniform spoke tension is maintained. An important part of our wheelbuilding process is the prestressing of the spokes. This step prevents the wheels from coming out of true during your first ride, which is common with wheels built without this consideration. The end result is a professionally built wheelset made just for YOU.



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